As a family owned and operated small business since 1979, we understand the desire to leave the Earth clean and functional for future generations. The Green initiative is not just a trendy movement, but a necessary life-style adjustment for the current generation to ensure our children and their children’s children are given the opportunities to have a full and healthy life. For this reason, we ensure that environmentally conscious decisions are made in all possible avenues of production.

We actively work to guarantee that our products are both high quality and environmentally friendly. For example, many of our badge styles are made from recycled components and are reusable. To reduce paper waste we keep electronic files and print solely on recycled paper. In our shipping department we use recycled boxes to guarantee our products are safely and responsibly delivered to each of our valued customers. For more information on the environmentally responsible steps taken in the manufacture of our products, please feel free to contact Kristin Blankinship at


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