We offer a wide range of attachment options that compliment each of our badge styles. Call our customer service for help in choosing what is best suited to your needs.


clear PVC strap clip

Clear PVC Strap Clip

alligator clip swivel adapter

Alligator Clip Swivel Adapter

alligator clip swivel adaptor

Alligator Clip Swivel Adapter

swivel alligator clip with adhesive pad

Swivel Alligator Clip with Adhesive Pad

bar pin with adhesive pad

Bar Pin with Adhesive Pad

bulldog clip swivel adaptor, 4 holes

Bulldog Clip Swivel Adaptor, 4 Holes

bulldog clip swivel adaptor

Bulldog Clip Swivel Adapter

metal magnet

Metal Magnet

military clip

Military Clip


plastic magnet

Plastic Magnet

pocket insert for pin

Pocket Insert for Pin

single post pin

Single Post Pin

swivel alligator clip

Swivel Alligator Clip

swivel bulldog clip

Swivel Bulldog Clip

plastic pin

Plastic Pin